Cambridge Mask Valve Deactivator

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Enclosed are 2 stickers to “deactivate” the mask’s valve. The larger adhesive seal will deactivate the valve to prevent any chance of droplets being expelled. The smaller sticker shows to onlookers that the valve is deactivated.

Important note: the valve plays an important role in expelling moisture and reducing CO2. Therefore we only recommend using the seal stickers if you are legally required to. Although it is unlikely, if you do feel dizzy or have trouble breathing, remove the mask when you feel it is safe to do so and seek help immediately.

How do I attach my Valve Deactivator?

First turn the mask fully inside out. Then peel the large, orange Valve Deactivator off the wax paper and stick over the valve on the inside of your mask. Apply gentle pressure to ensure it has adhered correctly

Position the informational “valve deactivated” sticker on the outside of the valve where it is visible to others and stick it down securely.

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