How long can Cambridge Mask mask be used for?

Feb 28, 2021 08:42:13 AM

How long can the mask be used for?

Cambridge Masks‚ are non-disposable, meaning that you can use them for potentially 340 hours of active use, or 6 months of daily use during a commute or other activity. The length of time they are suitable for depends on how polluted the environment is when you use it.

A general guideline is that you can use the masks on a regular basis for 3-6 months before it needs replacing. Once the mask is past its useful life a new mask is needed. A table is provided below.

Pollution Level Air Quality Condition (AQI) Description Replace after
Good Below 50 Clear visibility to horizon Mask not needed
Moderate/Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups 51 - 150 Cannot see pollution with the naked eye, slight haz on horizon 340 hours
Unhealthy/Very Unhealthy 151 - 300 Haze at 2-3km visibility 220 hours
Hazardous 301 - 500 Clouds of pollution, visibility around 1km 180 hours
Beyond Index Above 500 Visibility below 600 meters. Fog-like clouds of Pollution clearly visible even in bright sunlight 90 hours