BASIC vs PRO: How to choose a mask type?

Feb 24, 2021 19:25:30 PM

The Cambridge Mask BASIC is a mask that we manufactured to compliment our powerful PRO masks and to allow even more people gain access to clean air. Our BASIC mask is made with New Lab tested filtration technology and filters over 95% of pollution, gases, bacteria and viruses with up to 90 hours of use.

The Cambridge Mask PRO is a fashionable pollution mask that comes in a range of patterns and sizes. What makes PRO is different from BASIC is that the PRO mask is made by combining 3 unique layers; the outer printed layer, the three-ply particulate filter, and an activated carbon cloth which is tested British Military Filtration Technology and filters almost 100% of pollution, gases, 99.6% of viruses and 99.7% of bacteria. The PRO mask is also treated with silver to protect the wearer against bacteria and viruses which our BASIC mask doesn’t have. PRO masks have a longer lifespan compared to BASIC masks, and can last up to 340 hours of use.

Filtration Type 99.6% filter particles, viruses and bacteria 95% filter particle, viruses and bacteria
Layer 3 ply 2 ply
Inner Material Carbon Cloth treated with Silver Without Carbon cloth
Life Span Up to 340 Hours Up to 90 Hours
Size Option XS, S , M , L , XL XS, S, M, L, XL
Package content PRO MASK, User Manual, Warranty card, Head strap and nosefoam Basic Mask only
Pattern The Churchill, The Admiral, The Dorian, The Watson, The Duke, The 65Roses, The Nightingale Navy & Black